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Virtual Online Event

Here are some information about the Online Florida Star Ball:

1 – Register!

Go to our Registration page to find all the Online Competition Entry Forms. Email or mail us the Forms.

2 – Get your Music on the Portal

Once entered into the system, you will be receiving your portal shortly. The portal will contain your music and instructions on how to upload your videos. You should receive your portal starting February 8th. A friendly reminder to all our competitors that the registration and payment deadline is February 25th.

3 – Submit your Videos

Use the portal to Submit your videos. The deadline to upload your video is March 5th.
Due to the coordination efforts to put together an on line event, entries after March 5th cannot be accepted. We urge you to follow the deadlines for registration, payment and video uploads as we want to accommodate as many competitors as possible. And we can, provided you give us the time to do so. Your pre recorded videos will be heated, and judged live by our distinguished panel of Judges on March 19, 20 and 21.


For those of you new to Pre Recorded On Line events, this is an opportunity to watch yourself compete and to see what the judges see, all in the comfort and safety of your home. Invite your friends and family from all over the world to watch you on our FREE LIVESTREAM. You can even coordinate a viewing party with your studio! For those of you who have experienced on line competition, submit your videos from prior events to be evaluated by our World Class expert panel, or a new video to monitor your improvement.

The schedule of events will be announced 2 weeks prior to the event, once everything has been coordinated. We look forward to joining you all March 19,20,21 for Florida Star Ball Online!

Be Safe and Keep Dancing!

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