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Final Schedule 2024 (updated 2/13/24)

Thursday Feb. 15, 2024 9:00am
Session 1 - Thursday Daytime
09:00AM    International Latin Single Dances
10:27AM    Pro-Am & Am-Am Latin Championships
11:10AM    Pro Am Latin Scholarships
12:00PM    Lunch - Package Holders
01:00PM    International Ballroom Single Dances
02:59PM    Pro Am Ballroom Championships
03:50PM    Pro Am Ballroom Scholarships
04:53PM    End of Session
Thursday Feb. 15, 2024 7:00pm
Session 2 - Thursday Evening
05:00PM    Dinner - Package Holders
07:00PM    Night Club & Country Western Single Dances
09:08PM    Professional Theater Arts Compulsory
10:18PM    Professional Basic Smooth
10:53PM    Professional Basic Rhythm
11:13PM    Pro Am Nightclub 3 Dance Championship
11:54PM    End of Session
Friday Feb. 16, 2024 8:00am
Session 3 - Friday Morning
08:00AM    American Rhythm Bronze Single Dances
10:58AM    Pro Am Rhythm Bronze Championships
11:36AM    Pro Am Rhythm Bronze Scholarships
12:00PM    Lunch - Package Holders
01:13PM    American Rhythm Silver Single Dances
02:40PM    Dynasty Stars Fundraiser
02:48PM    Pro Am Rhythm Silver Championships
03:35PM    Pro Am Scholarships
04:09PM    End of Session
Friday Feb. 16, 2024 6:00pm
Session 4 - Friday Evening
04:30PM    Dinner - Package Holders
06:00PM    American Rhythm Gold & Above Single Dances
07:27PM    Pro Am Rhythm Gold & Above Championships
07:54PM    Pro Am Open Amer 9 Dance - Rhythm
08:29PM    Professional Rising Star Rhythm
08:44PM    Pro Am Rhythm Gold & Above Scholarships
09:39PM    Professional Events
10:42PM    Professional Rising Star Smooth & Ballroom
11:41PM    End of Session
Saturday Feb. 17, 2024 7:00am
Session 5 - Saturday Daytime
07:00AM    American Smooth Bronze Single Dances
08:57AM    Pro Am Smooth Bronze Championships
09:32AM    Pro Am Smooth Bronze Scholarships
10:07AM    American Smooth Silver Single Dances
12:15PM    Lunch - Package Holders
12:22PM    Youth & Dynasty Stars Smooth Singles
01:06PM    Dynasty Star Solos
01:46PM    Pro Am Smooth Silver Championships
01:49PM    Dynasty Stars Fundraiser
02:39PM    2 Dance Championships
02:54PM    Pro Am Smooth Silver Scholarships
03:40PM    American Smooth Single Dances
04:57PM    Gold/Open Smooth Championships
05:33PM    Pro Am Open Amer 9 Dance
05:45PM    Best of the Best Pro Am Cabaret/Showdance
06:14PM    End of Session
Saturday Feb. 17, 2024 8:00pm
Session 6 - Saturday Evening
06:00PM    Dinner - Package Holders
08:00PM    Pro Am Open Smooth Scholarships
09:09PM    Open Professional Categories
12:24AM    End of Session

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